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June 3, 2021

Get SR22 Insurance Without Owning A Car

For drivers who need to show proof of financial responsibility to their state but don't own a vehicle this type of insurance is a great option. Basically it is an auto insurance policy that is not related to any one car rather any vehicle you may operate. For this to work you cannot own a motor vehicle and there is no coverage for the car you are driving. The SR-22 can then be added to this auto insurance policy to fulfill your requirements for reinstatement.

What coverage options are available with a non-owner SR22 policy?

Since you do not own a motor vehicle the non-owner policy is meant to provide liability protection in the event you are at fault in an auto accident. There is no coverage for a specific vehicle like you would find on a "full coverage" policy. Full coverage is a term that means you have comprehensive and collision coverage for the vehicle listed. Since there is no specific vehicle listed you can only have liability protection.

How do I get a non-owner SR22 started?

If you currently have a non-owner auto insurance policy just ask your insurance company to add an SR-22 filing. The company will need to know the case number and dates required for the SR22 probation period. This information can be found on your suspension paperwork issued by the court.

If you want to find cheaper auto insurance or currently don't have insurance you can use our free service to compare leading companies in your state. Start by entering your zip code in the box above and click "Get Quotes". In just a few minutes you will get up to 5 different quotes to compare. You can usually get your SR22 filed the same day.

What if I buy a car while I have a non-owner auto insurance policy?

It is simple to convert your non-owner SR22 policy into a standard auto insurance policy with the SR22 form attached. Be sure that there is no lapse in coverage by starting the new policy the same day you cancel the old non owner policy. If there is a lapse in coverage or if you let the policy cancel the state will be notified and your license will be suspended again.

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