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June 3, 2021

Does an SR22 Affect Your Employment?

Given the job market and the economy it is no wonder people are nervous about losing a job or potential job for something on their driving record. If you have to file an SR22 form with your state there are many reasons why a driver would be required to have this form.

Depending on your state you could be required to have SR22 insurance for driving under the influence (DUI), suspended license, or failure to pay child support. Not all violations that require an SR22 filing are driving related. Usually an employer will see your driving record at the time of your hiring or if you are starting to drive as part of the job.

Will I be hired if I have an SR22 on my record?

Many employers today will want to perform a background check on new hires which will likely include your driving record. If you have multiple citations on your record or major violations such as DUI it may diminish your chances of getting a job. Remember that an SR22 is not seen as a traffic violation rather a form that is required to reinstate your license.

The SR22 is simply a form that is filed with the department of motor vehicles to confirm you are insured with a minimum level of liability insurance. Most companies won't even know what an SR-22 form is but if the reason you need the SR22 is due to a DUI that is a different story.

Each company is different and they have policies which describe what is acceptable for an employee. If the job involves driving the employer will want to see your driving record because this can affect their insurance premiums if you are hired. If they see you have a DWI or DUI offense it may not be acceptable for them to hire you based on company policy.

Be honest on your application for employment if they ask about your driving history or past felonies. In most states a repeat DUI offense is considered a felony so be sure you know what is on your record.

Will I be fired if I have an SR22 on my record?

Having to file the SR22 will not affect your job status but the underlying reason for the SR22 may. For example if your driver's license was suspended or revoked and you need it to operate company equipment then your job may be at risk. Some employers have a zero tolerance for such violations of company policy that you could lose your job for a driving related violation.

The best thing to do is be honest when asked about your driving record. If you happen to get convicted of DUI or another major violation be sure to not make it public knowledge at work. Most times the boss will hear about something from another co-worker or Facebook of all things.

Bottom line is the SR-22 form does not affect your employment but the reason you need to file the form does. For those that have DUI convictions or have lost their license due to excessive points it can hinder your chances of keeping a job or finding one.

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